Meet the Team!

The brains behind all operations ranging from student events, networking/career opportunities, case competitions, workshops, study spaces, to wellness events.

  • Max Irwin
    Max Irwin President

    As the returning President for RLAS I am beyond excited to get to work with another amazing group of students to lead the team to even further success in the 2019-2020 year. I am in my fifth year of Psychology at Ryerson and hope to make my transition into the business world after graduation. On RLAS my aim is to focus on two things; prestige and community. We will be working hard to build a sense of community amongst arts students, and prestige the Liberal Arts Degree that allows students within the faculty to ease their transition from student to employee.

  • Gabriel Lopez
    Gabriel Lopez VP External Affairs

    All my life I have been involved in high-level sports. From competing at OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations), to setting an Ontario record, as well as receiving a scholarship from the Etobicoke Sports Hall of Fame. Valuing these accomplishments helped me start my own business at my media and management firm. With the acquisition of funding and creating partnerships for my business, these are both experiences that I hope to replicate for RLAS this 2019/2020 year. It will be my mission to raise awareness, acquire partnerships, and obtain funding to aid Faculty of Arts students with their academic endeavors.

  • Stephanie McNeil
    Stephanie McNeil Vice President, Marketing

    I have been in love with creativity my whole life. From paper and glue crafts in kindergarten to an impromptu paint night with friends, expressing my artistic side has always been my favourite hobby for relaxation. When I graduate from the Environment and Urban Sustainability program, I hope to endure a career as an Environmental Designer and implement living green walls throughout the City of Toronto. During the 2019-2020 term, I plan to interact with students and faculty with a contemporary approach to building friendly relationships that grow beyond a strictly professional connection.

  • Shazeeda Gafoor
    Shazeeda Gafoor Vice President, Finance

    I am an energetic, enthusiastic, and optimistic individual who plans to pursue a career in the United Nations. Over the 2018-2019 year, I worked in the Centre for Women and Trans People at the Ryerson Students’ Union, and held the position as President of the International Economics and Finance Course Union. I have learned a lot about student leadership on campus, and it always reignites my passion for social service and equity. As bland as accounting and book-keeping can be, I can assure you that the 2019-2020 year with RLAS will be anything but bland.

  • Chris Randall
    Chris Randall Vice President, Operations

    Last year, I was the Assistant to the President of RLAS and the Vice President of Finance on the Environment and Urban Sustainability Student’s Association. I like spending my time updating my monthly playlists on Spotify, getting injured at volleyball intramurals (while pretending to know how to play) and asking baristas at Starbucks what they recommend. I love quoting one-liners from Ru Paul’s Drag Race that nobody understands but makes me laugh. My goal this year is to make RLAS events accessible to all students. And to help launch more initiatives that continuously ensures the collaboration between arts students and student groups.

  • Josel Angelica Gerardo
    Josel Angelica Gerardo Vice President, Events

    I recently became involved around campus through the Arts Ambassador program, VAST, Ryerson Writers Collective and Ryerson Law Network. It’s easy to say that I have a variety of interests such as education, politics, law and creative writing. This year, I’m entering my third year in Politics and Governance and I hope to enter law school after graduation. As the RLAS VP of Events, I look forward to creating an inclusive, educational and fun environment for Arts students. I strive to help Arts students have better university experiences while increasing prestige for our Liberal Arts degrees. 

  • Mayah Obadia
    Mayah Obadia Director, Geographic Analysis

    I am so excited this year and the opportunity to engage with the Arts community through RLAS! This will be my last year at Ryerson, and I hope to share the amazing experiences I’ve had while being involved on campus, with our incoming students. When I am not in the Geography Lab, you can find me working with my course union, exploring the city by bike, or planning my next getaway. This year on RLAS I hope to broaden and enrich the reach of the society to more arts students through frequent face-to-face interaction within and between programs.

  • Saba Salemi
    Saba Salemi Director, Psychology

    I am a Psychology student who has fallen in love with Women’s Studies and Educational Rights. In the future I hope to obtain a career in politics. The main reason I wanted to join RLAS was to encourage more students to come out to RLAS events, meet their peers, and gain valuable social and professional skills. I also want to help to create events that will broaden students’ horizons and help them discover the different routes they can take with their arts degree. A fun (and irrelevant) fact about me is that I know all the lyrics to M.A.A.D city—though we would have to reach a certain level of friendship for me to rap it to you.

  • Andrea Araujo
    Andrea Araujo Director, Language and Intercultural Relations

    My goal is to show the Arts society what the LIR program is and to incorporate them with some of the amazing initiatives RLAS has to offer. With my degree, I want to work with international non-profit sectors. A fun fact about me is that you can probably hear me before you see me. That is because I am less than 5 feet tall but that does not mean you will not be able to find me!

  • Amna Asif
    Amna Asif Director, English

    A fact about me is that I am originally from Wellington, New Zealand. I spend my time reading, writing sappy poetry, and listening to a wide range of music from which I impulsively end up buying concert tickets to. I am always ready to discuss any art form which leads to having friendly debates over coffee. I wish to work in the publishing or media field with hopes of publishing something of my own. My goal this 2019/ 2020 year is to get to know and understand my peers better through this process so that I may cater to what they require to excel.

  • Abbey Humphreys-Morris
    Abbey Humphreys-Morris Director, Arts and Contemporary Studies

    I am in my third year of Arts & Contemporary Studies, and am specializing in Anthropology with a minor in Psychology. I  have interests in Biological and Forensic Anthropology, and hope to get an MSc in Evolutionary or Forensic Sciences after the completion of my degree! I love being apart of the Ryerson community, and I am so excited to be apart of a fantastic team like RLAS to better our university for arts students. I joined RLAS to be able to serve the students within our faculty by helping them access opportunities to network, and providing safe spaces to grow.

  • Vinessa Hardy
    Vinessa Hardy Director, Politics and Governance

    I enjoy learning about politics, law, international relations, spirituality and using this knowledge to question the structural order of the society we live in. I am motivated by my passion to improve the access to wealth and opportunities of underprivileged communities. I am immensely excited by the opportunity to work on RLAS to increase networking opportunities for students by listening to their career goals and reaching out to industry professionals to bridge relational gaps. 

  • Dinez Clarke
    Dinez Clarke Director, Philosophy

    I am currently a third-year philosophy undergraduate student and I have a strong interest in the development of ancient philosophy. Outside of philosophy I have interests in religion and architecture. I joined RLAS in order to contribute to making Ryerson a better place to study individually and improve access to course materials for arts students. I am an overly curious individual and the span of my hobbies and interests speak to that. Meaning that I am generally willing to have a conversation about anything that leads wherever it ends up.

  • Mayomide Dada
    Mayomide Dada Director, International Economics and Finance

    I decided to join the RLAS board to help push the Faculty’s agenda and better the overall experience for students under the Faculty of Arts. My hobbies include playing lawn tennis with my dad and video games with my brother.

  • Meleha Yasmin
    Meleha Yasmin Director, Sociology

    I am going into my second year of studies in Ryerson’s Sociology program. The reason I joined the board was to get more involved in my faculty and give back to the arts community on campus. Through RLAS, I want to assist arts students to develop more networking opportunities that will help them gain valuable experience and aid with their professional life. On the board, I hope to increase the visibility of RLAS among arts students to help them academically and socially within the Ryerson community. I love to sleep, hike, explore different parts of the city, and meet new people.

  • Yulia Reingold
    Yulia Reingold Director, History

    I am a third year History major, minoring in Philosophy at Ryerson. I look forward to collaborating with my fellow teammates on the Ryerson History Society and RLAS to create a stronger arts community with significant volunteering, internship, and employment opportunities. My ambition on the board is to take my pride in being a Ryerson Arts student and translate it into exciting prospects for all current and future arts students.

  • Nour Abu-Shaaban
    Nour Abu-Shaaban Director, Environment and Urban Sustainability

    I love to travel, learn new cultures and languages, read, hike, work out and spend time with my friends and family. I am immensely passionate about the transformational impact of social programs empowering newcomer, marginalized and vulnerable children each week to rise above adversity through the power of advocacy. I am inspired by the challenge of building high performing teams and love all elements of leading people and change. On RLAS I hope to provide the best university experience to arts students.

  • Hela Bakhtari
    Hela Bakhtari Director of Criminology

    My time, thus far, at Ryerson, has been deeply involved in both the academic and social spheres of the university. Currently, I am employed at Ryerson, as the Special Projects Lead to the RSU President, and I am the Secretary on my Course Union. I deeply value the importance of addressing the ossification of educational institutions into homogenized spaces that often stymie counter-narratives and motility for change. I hope to advocate on behalf of Criminology students to increase experiential learning opportunities within academia.