2020/2021 Board

Voting is now closed!


See below for winning candidates:

Avala Moore

Manager of Student Relations and Development

Josel Angelica Gerardo


Stephanie McNeil

Vice-President of Community Relations

Katie Flinn

Vice-President of Corporate Relations

Claire Cornacchia

Vice-President of Events

Abbey Humphreys-Morris

Vice-President of Finance

Justine Parungao

Vice-President of Marketing

Natasha Chawdhry 

Vice-President of Operations


Director of Arts & Contemporary Studies

Nancy Le

Director of Criminology

Amna Asif

Director of English

Samantha Era

Director of Environment and Urban Sustainability


Director of Geographic Analysis

Yulia Reingold

Director of History

Mayomide Dada

Director of International Economics and Finance


Director of Language and Intercultural Relations

Dinez Clarke

Director of Philosophy

Hannah Ertl

Director of Politics and Governance

Shasmika Thiagarajah

Director of Psychology


Director of Sociology

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