RLAS Board

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We are looking for team members to fill our Board for the 2020/2021 academic year.

  • Arts and Contemporary Studies Director
  • Geographic Analysis Director
  • Language and Intercultural Relations Director
  • Sociology Director

There shall be one (1) Director from each of the Faculty of Arts programs: Arts and Contemporary Studies, Criminology, International Economics and Finance, English, Environment and Urban Sustainability, Geographic Analysis, History, Languages and Intercultural Relations, Philosophy, Politics and Governance, Psychology, Sociology – for a total of twelve (12) program directors.

  • Directors set the direction of the RLAS through policy and oversight and, as a collective, make all major administrative decisions that relate to strategic planning and finance.
  • Directors are the primary means of communication between the membership and the Board and will collect student thoughts, concerns and feedback and factor these into their decision making process.
  • Directors will represent the RLAS in their Departments and shall maintain relationships with their Program Chair, Undergraduate Program Director and Program Administrator.
  • Directors are ex-officio members of their programs’ Course Union and will use this position to maintain a relationship between RLAS and the Course Union.
  • Directors will make sure that the board is following all constitutional rules and bylaws.
  • All elected Directors shall be students enrolled in a Faculty of Arts program and who have paid the RLAS levy.
  • They are required to have either a clear academic standing, or a conditional academic standing with a cumulative Grade Point Average greater than or equal to 2.0.
    • The academic standing of the Directors shall be reviewed by the Manager, Student Relations and Development, who will inform the Directors that he/she is removed from the position if that Director fails to meet these requirements.
  • You must be in the same program as your position title.

2020/2021 Board

Avala Moore

Manager of Student Relations and Development

Josel Angelica Gerardo


Stephanie McNeil

Vice-President of Community Relations

Katie Flinn

Vice-President of Corporate Relations

Claire Cornacchia

Vice-President of Events

Abbey Humphreys-Morris

Vice-President of Finance

Justine Parungao

Vice-President of Marketing

Natasha Chawdhry 

Vice-President of Operations


Director of Arts & Contemporary Studies

Nancy Le

Director of Criminology

Amna Asif

Director of English

Samantha Era

Director of Environment and Urban Sustainability


Director of Geographic Analysis

Yulia Reingold

Director of History

Mayomide Dada

Director of International Economics and Finance


Director of Language and Intercultural Relations

Dinez Clarke

Director of Philosophy

Hannah Ertl

Director of Politics and Governance

Shasmika Thiagarajah

Director of Psychology


Director of Sociology

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