SPROUT is the campus-wide case competition at Ryerson University run by the Ryerson Liberal Arts Society.

The competition will run in the Winter 2020 semester from February 7th to February 9th.

The event will be held at the Real Institute.

Applications are Closed

Information Drops

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Are you tired of your big ideas sitting on the shelf? Do you need professional academic experience on your resume? The Ryerson Liberal Arts Society (RLAS) is hosting its second Annual Case Competition: SPROUT. This competition is for all Ryerson University undergraduate students. The competition allows participants to gain valuable exposure in the Ryerson community as well as community partners beyond the campus. Students are able to showcase their valuable team-building and problem-solving skills in a professional academic environment and work with industry and academic professional experts to develop a strong solution to the case provided.

SPROUT is a case competition where participants are given the opportunity to collaborate with students from different academic backgrounds to develop a real-world solution to the case question posed. Students will interact with experts and conduct research to solve the question. They will use the information that is leaked via information drops which are released over the weeks leading up to the competition.  As each drop is released, they will increase in specificity. This information is necessary for students to create informed solutions to the ‘BIG Question’, which will be released on the weekend of the competition.

At the competition, participants will be put into interdisciplinary teams that promote inter-faculty networking. Within these teams, participants will present their solutions to a panel of judges made up of academic and industry experts. The winning team who presentas a professional solution with the clearest implementation strategy will receive a cash prize and the opportunity to partner with the Social Venture Zone (SVZ) to bring their ideas to life!

  • Must be registered in an undergraduate degree program at Ryerson University.
  • Must be registered in at least three courses during the semester in which the SPROUT competition is taking place.
Selection Process
  • The Logistics Committee Lead will facilitate the collection of applications and manage communication to applicants on behalf of the SPROUT Planning Committee.
  • The Selection Committee consists of a combination of Ryerson Staff and students selected from a variety of programs within the host faculty, the Faculty of Arts.
  • The Selection Committee will review all eligible submissions. Candidates will be informed of the decision by email during the first week of December.
  • The Selection Committee reserves the right to not select a candidate.
  • The Selection Committee’s deliberations will remain confidential.
  • The Selection Committee will make its decision based on the evaluation criteria listed below.
Evaluation Criteria

The Selection Committee will consider the following criteria when evaluating applications:

  • Overall quality of the application
  • Extent to which candidate showcases a willingness to work in a team
  • Creativity of responses
  • Professionalism
  • Extent to which the candidate is clear, concise and cohesive in their answers
  • Extent to which answers connect to learning and academic goals
  • Whether the candidate has completed ALL parts of the application
Application Process
  • Fill out an application form.
  • Ensure all details are correct, and all relevant information is included.
  • Wait to hear back from the Sprout Committee at least 3 weeks prior to the competition date.
  • Send any questions to sprout@rlasonline.ca

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