You’ve always lived outside the box, why cram yourself in?

The RLAS is a student-led society that represents over 4,500 full-time undergraduate students within the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University.

What is the (Student Choice Initiative) SCI?
The Ontario Government released the Student Choice Initiative (SCI) earlier this year and it is now live on RAMSS. The SCI provides students with the ability to opt-out of certain fees that are non-essential. Ancillary fees are fees that students typically pay in addition to their tuition that provides them access for various services around campus. Those ancillary fees that were deemed as non-essential are now required to have an opt-out option for students and include coverage for things such as Free merch, Social Events, Course Union and Student Group Support, Study Spaces, Networking, Case Competitions, Conference Funding, Project Funding, Workshops, Wellness Events, and Operating Expenses.

Read more about information on the SCI here.

How do I live outside of the box? Login to your account, Open RAMSS, Don’t click that box!

I made a mistake. How do I fix it? Login to your account, Open RAMSS, Under ‘Student Fees’ > ‘My Account’ > Update Opt Out Selections, Uncheck that box!

What can RLAS do for me?

Networking/Career Opportunities
RLAS has the ability to contact industry professionals along the Liberal Arts spectrum to share employment opportunities to students in the Faculty of Arts. We have worked several times with Ryerson’s Career Centre to help students with resume building, interview preparation, and career counseling.

Case Competitions
The participants in our 2019 case competition had the chance to develop a revitalization plan for the City of Oshawa. The winners of the competition had the opportunity to meet with officials from the City of Oshawa to implement these thoughts into the city itself.

Social Events
Meeting new people on campus is hard, especially if you commute or if you have a heavy workload. On top of providing academic support and growth, we also focus on connecting with our tight-knit Faculty of Arts community.

New this year, RLAS will be offering workshops focusing around financial literacy including how to save money as a student and how to complete taxes.

Study Spaces
During exam season it can be hard for students to find a quiet study area or a place to sit. RLAS rents out large rooms and provides students with study supplies. And, we offer refreshments and snacks to keep those brains running.

Wellness Events
School is stressful and sometimes it’s hard to concentrate on yourself. Recently, we have implemented a wellness week that allows students to take a break from their stressors. Our top priority is making sure that you are ok!

Free Merch
We always have giveaways at our events. These include Kleen Kanteen water bottles, recycled pens, quality stickers, and notebooks. This is our little way of giving back to our participating students.

Conference Funding
Attending a conference can be a life-changing event. We are here to help you get there.

Project Funding
Have a project you want to share with the world, but are in need of financial aid? Apply through RLAS and we’ll help you out.

Course Union & Student Group Support
RLAS is proud to support 9 Course Unions and 5 Student Groups. Under our wing, we are able to provide guidance, loyalty, and financial aid to help these groups create amazing opportunities to further enhance the student experience.

Although these groups are smaller in size, they have the power to create extraordinary experiences on a local level.

Our Course Unions:
Ryerson History Society
Psychology Students’ Association
Politics and Governance Students’ Association
English Course Union
Environment and Urban Sustainability Students’ Association
Criminology Course Union
Student Association of Geographic Analysis
International Economics and Finance Course Union
Sociology Student’s Union

Our Student Groups:
Ryerson Writer’s Collective
RyeMUN (Ryerson Model United Nations)
Ryerson Campus Conservatives
Poetic Exchange
Women in Economics

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