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The Criminology Course Union

The Criminology Course Union functions to promote and advance the interests of Criminology students at Ryerson University. Through the creation of engaging events and initiatives, we strive to foster social and professional relationships between students, faculty members and community leaders in order to provide the best academic and social experience possible.

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The English Course Union

The English Course Union aims to promote student life and engagement on campus, while voicing the comments and concerns of their members to the English faculty.

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The Environment and Urban Sustainability Students’ Association

The Environment and Urban Sustainability Students’ Association’s objective is to promote the interests of the students in the Environment and Urban Sustainability program, to plan and execute events and initiatives in their best interest, and to foster a stronger sense of community within the program as well as throughout the university.

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The International Economics and Finance Course Union

We are a liaison between the Department of Economics and its students. We are committed to academics through social behaviour that enhances the reputation of Ryerson University, with a specific focus in the International Economics and Finance Program. Our foundation is moral, responsible and enthusiastic! Our creativity inspires those around us and together we build, one idea at a time. As a course union we are dedicated to the students whom we represent!

We are committed to generating creative ideas that aid our student in the pursuit of education. We are motivated by our goals and rise to accomplish them with precision!

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The Psychology Students’ Association

The Psychology Students’ Association represents the students and faculty of the Psychology Department at Ryerson University. Their aim is to bring together the psychology students’ community at Ryerson through various events and initiatives that range from networking events to nights out!

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The Ryerson History Society

The Ryerson History Society strives to bring together History students and History double major students through exciting and educational events such as our Meet the Professors Series, Career Talks, Game Nights, Panel Discussions, and more! The society aims to bring the History program together and foster a community consisting of faculty and students alike, creating an invaluable and memorable university experience!

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The Ryerson Sociology Student’s Union

The Sociology Students’ Union represents all students enrolled in the Sociology program. The Sociology Student’s Union are here to support the students both academically and socially as they go through their time at Ryerson.

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Ryerson Campus Conservatives

The Ryerson Campus Conservatives aim to provide students with the opportunity to network, the chance to grow as educated students, build a strong foundation of principles and ethics, and to develop a community in which this group can help members recognize that with hard work success is possible. Their aim is to dispel common myths surrounding conservative politics, voice the concerns of conservative students on campus and encourage critical discourse on all issues relating to Canadian politics, economics and foreign policies.

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Ryerson Writer’s Collective

The goal of the Ryerson Writer’s Collective is to create a space for the advancement and cultivation of writing skills among students with a common interest in writing in a welcoming community environment. The RWC does this through promoting an engaging environment for peer editing, writing, and creating through events and meetings while creating a positive writing space for members of the Ryerson community.

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Model United Nations

Model UN is a solution-oriented style of debate where participants take the perspective of stakeholders in important international issues. Delegates work together to come up with solutions while representing the interests of their assigned stakeholder, often a country. Ryerson students have the opportunity to attend weekly training sessions to strengthen their Model UN skills, participate in internal conferences and travel to conferences hosted by other schools. All students are welcome and no experience is required!

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Poetic Exchange

Student Association of Geographic Analysis

The Student Association of Geographic Analysis (SAGA) exists as the course union for Geographic Analysis. Their fundamental objective is to promote the interests of students in the program. They approach this by facilitating a number of social, academic, and career initiatives each year in order to connect the membership with meaningful opportunities, and foster a strong sense of community within the Geographic Analysis program. In addition to this core value, SAGA strives to seek out cross disciplinary collaborations, support environmental stewardship, and richen the presence of the Geographic Analysis program within and beyond the university.

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Women in Economics

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