1 Million Teachers

Hakeem Subair

About the founder

Hakeem is the CEO of 1 Million Teachers Inc. He also teaches Innovation and Change Management, Artificial Intelligence and Entrepreneurship, and Global Business Management at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. He has a master’s degree in Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. He also has a Certificate in Social Impact from the same institution. Before attending the Smith School of Business, Hakeem obtained a bachelor’s degree in commerce, focusing on consulting and entrepreneurship from the University of Windsor, and a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Ilorin in Nigeria.

A member of the Golden Key International Society, Hakeem’s passions intersect teaching/coaching, innovation, entrepreneurship, and social justice. As he likes to tell it “The work that I do at 1MT, St. Lawrence College, Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston, and now the Smith School of Business, fill me with passion and give me meaning – I am fulfilled”

1Million Teachers is an international education company that is dedicated to offering impactful learning opportunities by providing training to those who are interested in teaching as a profession and as a life skill. This program offers instruction in professional development, mentorship, and foundational knowledge for teachers in a changing world – especially in disadvantaged communities. The 1 Million Teachers program is a tool used to grow the next generation of compassionate and dedicated teachers, while also being used as a wayfinding tool for those that are serious about gaining professional experience, and leadership skills that are essential in any work environment.


  1. The 1 Million Teachers platform will promote the Ryerson students as a way  finding and professional development tool that can be utilized across multiple disciplines. The 1  Million Teacher platform is a tool that is used to provide students with the opportunity to gain  mentorship and leadership skills that will be invaluable in a career in teaching as well as any field  that requires leadership and management. 
  2. The 1 Million Teachers platform is additionally useful for students that are interested  in teaching abroad. This program offers a deep look into the fundamentals of teaching, such  as student advocacy, emotional intelligence and parental involvement as well as other factors  affecting students in not only North America but different regions of the world.


Pricing for the access to the entire platform: $150.00 

However, we would make this as affordable as possible for students so we would like to set  up payment installments, which would allow students to pay for the program over a period of  time. For example, 150 paid over a span of 6 months would cost $25.00 a month.

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