Binge Worthy Netflix Finds

There is no better time than now to cross everything off your to-do list. What’s the most important list, you may ask? Your NETFLIX list! We’ve compiled a list of binge-worthy series that are sure to get you through this tough time.

Need a Laugh

  1. The Office → work from home for real and binge The Office! Join the Dunder-Mifflin team as they navigate through corporate life in a comedic way.
  2. Friends → They’ll be there for you! Sit back, relax, and welcome these six New Yorkers into your family for 10 seasons of love, laughter, and joy!
  3. Kim’s Convenience → set and filmed right here in Toronto, Kim’s Convenience takes the comedic approach to an immigrant family running a convenience store in the city. Their story is sure to capture the hearts of all viewers!

Isolation is boring…I need drama and action

  1. Peaky Blinders → following WWI, Thomas Shelby looks to lead his gang and family to a better life through organized crime.
  2. Sense8 → 8 strangers from around the globe find themselves telepathically connected, and have the outrun a mysterious organization that wants them destroyed.
  3. Blacklist → a wanted fugitive surrenders himself to the FBI and offers to help them capture deadly criminals.

Foreign Language, please

  1. Dark → time travel, war between families, and a teenage love triangle. See how this all fits in when two children disappear from a German town.
  2. Elite → an exclusive Spanish private school welcomes three working-class students, which results in the class with the wealthy, and an unfortunate murder.
  3. Hello My Twenties → five college housemates who meet as strangers bond over the trials of adult life.


Happy watching!


By Claire Cornacchia

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