Creating a Vision Board

By: Shamika Thiagarajah 

Ever since the pandemic started, I’ve tried to find ways to keep myself productive. At first, I was trying to make the well-known coffee circulated around Tiktok ( I failed). I tried to cook, clean and even garden my house—none of those made me feel very productive. 

I thought of trying to accomplish a task that would help me with organizing myself and bettering myself.   Recently, I renovated my room and wanted to add a vision-board. I thought having a vision-board would be a great way to record my goals. Over the years, I struggled to prioritize my long-term goals and hobbies as a student.

Most of the time, the tasks were easy. I took a few days to jot down some of the goals that I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. This was hard for me to admit, but I realized how many goals I left untouched. After this realization, I was even more motivated to make sure that I accomplish these goals. I took a few more days to decide if each goal was reasonable. Some of these goals were to focus on my health, hobbies, and grades.

I finally started to create my vision board. The fun part of vision boards is that they are visual, so you can try to be as creative as possible. To make a vision board, all you really need is a computer, printer, scissors, glue and paper.

I started saving pictures onto a document. I used Pinterest and Google to find images that I thought aligned with my “aesthetic.” Once I was finished, I just printed them out and started cutting them. 

I had a white bristol board lying around, so I decided to use that for the pictures.  Some just print the images and attach them to their wall. I started placing all the photos onto the board and glued them on. Since I didn’t have a colour printer, I used pieces of coloured paper to make it look better. 

And Voila! I finished my first vision board. 

I also started to use a journal to document how and when I was accomplishing these goals. This kept me on the path to achieving them. It’s okay to not reach them right away. What’s more important is the progress and patience that one takes in attaining one. I am excited to see what goals I have reached.

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