Finding the Balance 

Written by: Samantha Era 

Have you been feeling like your sense of time has been thrown off lately? The routine that you used to have is almost non-existent? The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost everyone in some shape or form and time-management seems to be one of the main topics of conversation. 

Having a routine is absolutely necessary for the purpose of being productive but remember that it is okay to veer off this routine once in a while, especially if it is to take some time for yourself. It is easy to beat yourself up for not being as productive or active as you used to be but putting things on pause to gain clarity or peace of mind can be just as productive. 

This brings us to our golden question… How do you know when to stick to your routine and when to break free from it? The saying “balance is key” is always roaming in the air but what is balance exactly? Balance is finding that harmony between all the things you do in a day, week, month, and year. Finding your balance is what you need to do to understand how and when you can break from your routine. All you need to know when finding your balance is:

Listen to your mind and body.

Be aware of what your body needs and wants. If it is extremely exhausted, then that is a cue to say to yourself that you might want to take it easy today. If you’re feeling full of energy, you can then adjust the type of physical activity you do that day to something more intense. 

Balance means something different for everyone so it is up to you to create a routine for yourself where you are fully satisfied with how you decide to spend your time. Most importantly, feel good about what you decide and don’t regret it. 

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