Fingerprints Inc.

Angelique Paul

About the founder

Angelique Paul is the Founder and CEO of Fingerprints Inc. She has a Master of Digital Media from Ryerson University and a bachelor’s in design from OCAD University. Once graduating from her bachelors where she first developed the idea of an extended education program, she brought this idea to Ryerson where it flourished in her Master’s program. Upon the completion of her degree she received a grant from Ryerson’s Accessibility Project where she worked to develop the Fingerprints program. After the completion of the Accessibility Project Angelique continued to develop her program as a member of Ryerson’s Social Venture Zone, which led to the launch of the Fingerprints at Home Experience, a virtual classroom where students meet with their mentors in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Fingerprints is an education company that is dedicated to creating equal learning opportunities for students of all different learning styles while fostering meaningful mentorship.


Recently Fingerprints has launched their at home initiative that is aiding students during these uncertain times and new approach to learning by pairing students in grades 4-8 with mentors in university that are passionate about education and gaining leadership skills in a virtual setting.


To ensure that each child is given the care and patience that is needed for learning, our mentors are trained to be responsible and devoted leaders that are dedicated to assisting each child on their journey to realize their unique skills and abilities through a nurturing mentorship environment.


  1. Fingerprints Inc. is an adaptive education company that is dedicated to creating a safe learning space for all learners of varying styles. Although our program focuses on improving academics, we are equally dedicated to crafting a relationship between our mentors and mentees that encourage confidence, care, as well as classroom performance. The Fingerprints Inc. platform connects students in grades four through eight with a student mentor in high school and university and we believe that the RLAS membership is an excellent fit for the role of a mentor, based on their field of study and added experience. 
  2. When the Fingerprints Inc. on boards mentors we provide them with training that has been crafted by industry professionals in education. The Fingerprints Inc. training provides our mentors with the tools to excel as leaders and real experience working with a student. This experience gives our mentors the opportunity to build lesson plans with the Fingerprints Inc. Team, develop mentorship skills as well as be a part of a team that is passionate about the intersection of both education, technology and social impact.


Pricing for the access to the entire platform: $0.00

 While the Fingerprints Inc. app is in development this program is free of charge to all students. Additionally, once the platform is complete, this program will continue to be free to all students, but access to the platform will be paid for on a subscription based model by the University. 

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