RLAS First-Year Committee ensures that your voices are heard, and assists you in transitioning to the undergraduate experience. The committee is composed of Faculty of Arts first-year students with one student representing each Arts program.


As a committee representative, the FYC will have the opportunity to connect with peers, earn various skills of communication, organization, teamwork and leadership. The FYC will also have the opportunity to closely connect with the RLAS Executives, Board of Directors, and Committee members. 

First Year Committee


First Year Arts and Contemporary Studies

Rayyan Rahman

First Year Criminology

Johannah Alilio

First Year English

Maya Duong

First Year Environment & Urban Sustainability


First Year Geographic Analysis

Katie Carson

First Year History

Ivy Kim

First Year International Economics and Finance

Natasha Pendawa

First Year Language and Intercultural Relations



Cody Anthony

First Year Politics and Governance

Sheeva Mirshahi

First Year Psychology

Diana Adu-Yeboah

First Year Sociology


First Year Undeclared

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