Community Resources for Equity

Community Resources for Equity

Accessibility Key Terms Definitions

Our Action Plan

Step 1:

Webpage for community resources.

Our website will include various Ryerson resources, Toronto resources and international resources in support of the current issues.

Step 2:

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training.

RLAS will be hosting EDI trainings, in collaboration with an external organization, for its board members and fellow student leaders.

Step 3:

Start on day 1.

Orientation this year will host weekly sessions to discuss and have conversations about equity, diversity and inclusion to help educate incoming students.

Step 4:

Events to Highlight the Issue.

Throughout the year, RLAS will be hosting events relating to diversity, privilege, allyship, Black success, Indigenous success and tackling different discourses.

Step 5:

Social Media Campaigns.

Continuous social media campaigns about anti-racism and anti-discrimination for all communities, particularly for Black and Indigenous communities, racialized and religious minorities, gender and LGBTQ+, and many more through an intersectional approach

Equity Resources

Campus Resources


Consent Comes First

Human Rights Services to Report Sexual Harassment/Violence

External Resources


Safety Planning and 24/7 access to crisis intervention and compassionate support

Ontario Provincial Services


Ontario Women’s Issues Resources

Get help if you are experiencing violence

Food-Related Resources in lieu of the Good Food Centre


Ryerson Internal Resources


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