Standing in Solidarity with the Black Community

Our Letter of Solidarity

Dear Ryerson Community,

In light of the heartbreaking incidents that have taken place recently resulting in the deaths of Black and Indigenous Community members, and in response to the ongoing acts of aggression against these communities, the Ryerson Liberal Arts Society (RLAS) stands in solidarity with the Black and Indigenous Communities both locally and abroad. 

At the RLAS, we aim to support the fight for justice and the human rights movement against racism. As Faculty of Arts students, we are committed to educating ourselves on the past, present, and future implications of racism and discrimination in our communities. We acknowledge the bigotry, racism, and acts of violence that continue to take place against Black and Indigenous communities. We are aware that these are not individual incidents, but are part of systemic issues that the Black Community, Indigenous Community, and all racialized, religious and minority communities face every day. This behaviour is simply unacceptable.

We acknowledge that to be silent is to perpetuate violence. We are in a constant state of learning and must acknowledge the resources that are available to us and use these resources to support our diverse community in its search for equity and justice. We believe in a Canada, and a world, where all people can walk down the street peacefully and confidently in their own skin and we will work toward this future. The RLAS is working on, and will release, an action plan that will reflect our re-dedication to equity, diversity and community inclusion both in the Ryerson community and beyond. 

We thank you for your continued support.



The Ryerson Liberal Arts Society Board of Directors

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Our Action Plan

Step 1:

Webpage for community resources.

Our website will include various Ryerson resources, Toronto resources and international resources in support of the current issues.

Step 2:

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training.

RLAS will be hosting EDI trainings, in collaboration with an external organization, for its board members and fellow student leaders.

Step 3:

Start on day 1.

Orientation this year will host weekly sessions to discuss and have conversations about equity, diversity and inclusion to help educate incoming students.

Step 4:

Events to Highlight the Issue.

Throughout the year, RLAS will be hosting events relating to diversity, privilege, allyship, Black success, Indigenous success and tackling different discourses.

Step 5:

Social Media Campaigns.

Continuous social media campaigns about anti-racism and anti-discrimination for all communities, particularly for Black and Indigenous communities, racialized and religious minorities, gender and LGBTQ+, and many more through an intersectional approach

Equity Resources

Campus Resources


Consent Comes First

Human Rights Services to Report Sexual Harassment/Violence

External Resources


Safety Planning and 24/7 access to crisis intervention and compassionate support

Ontario Provincial Services


Ontario Women’s Issues Resources

Get help if you are experiencing violence

Food-Related Resources in lieu of the Good Food Centre


Ryerson Internal Resources


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