RLAS Elections

RLAS Elections Candidates


Claire Cornacchia

Running: President

Hi folks! My name is Claire Cornacchia (she/her) and I am running for President of the Ryerson Liberal Arts Society (RLAS). I am a third-year ACS student completing my option in History. I first got involved with the RLAS in 2019 as Special Projects Manager, where I acted as Chair of the second annual SPROUT Case Competition, and since have held the position of Director of Arts and Contemporary Studies, and am currently the Vice President of Events. In this position, I have played an integral role in establishing an online community for Faculty of Arts students as the RLAS converted to virtual operations in March 2020. If elected President, I will continue to advocate for the needs of Arts students, and ensure that the RLAS continues on the upward trajectory the current board has begun.

Olivia Karp

Running: VP of Corporate Relations

Hi, my name is Olivia and I am a third-year political science student at Ryerson. I have held a variety of different leadership positions at Ryerson. Some of the positions I have held in relation to the role I am running for the VP of Corporate Relations is being Deputy of Internal and External Affairs through POGSA, Student Outreach Manager part of the Community Relations Committee through RLAS, being a Student Senate representative for arts and being the Volunteer Coordinator for RU Leadership. In all of these roles, I have worked on establishing external and internal relationships within the Ryerson community, growing and finding student opportunities, finding new sponsorships for partnerships and increasing student engagement. With the skills and experiences I have gained from these roles and being involved with RLAS I want to establish more internal and external relationships with the Ryerson community, increase student engagement within RLAS in the forms of partnerships and opportunities, to keep expanding the RLAS brand with looking out for new partnerships.

Sam Dano

Running: Vp of Corporate Relations

Greetings everyone! My name is Sam Dano, and I’ll be entering my second year of criminology in the fall semester of 2021. I’m currently an involved student leader holding the first-year representative position with the Criminology Course Union, granting me the experience to liaise between students and the respective personnel to organize beneficial events. I have always strived for leadership positions because I believe that I possess the right attitude, dedication, and experience to succeed in my roles. My goals to increase student and alumni networking opportunities and show the true value of an Arts degree benefits all of us and will only take place if I have your vote. Choose Sam Dano to be your RLAS VP of Corporate Relations!

Natalie Carinci

Running: VP of Community Relations

Natalie Carinci (She/Her) is a second-year Arts and Contemporary Studies student pursuing the Diversity and Equity option with a minor in French and Sociology. Natalie joined RLAS in 2020 as an Events Facilitator and the SPROUT Committee as a Logistics Associate. She is running for the RLAS VP of Community Relations position with hopes to continue fostering and creating new relationships both in and outside the Ryerson community and most importantly with Faculty of Arts Students. Natalie will collaborate with the community to create opportunities that benefit Arts students in understanding the pathways and power of their degrees through networking. She has shown hard work and dedication through the logistical planning of SPROUT, an interdisciplinary case competition and will bring these values to the VP of Community Relations role. 

Yathavi Jeyasangar

Running: VP of Community Relations

Hello everyone! My name is Yathavi Jeyasangar (she/her) and I’m in my second year of study in the International Economics and Finance program. I first got involved with RLAS in 2020, where I was their content creator, where I was responsible for creating graphics for events that the RLAS hosted. I’m also the Deputy of Marketing for the International Economics and Finance Course Union, where I helped create marketing campaigns and promote events through our social media sites. Throughout this year, I’ve heavily involved myself in the marketing aspects for both RLAS and IECON. But, looking for a change, I decided to run for the VP of Community Relations position, as I have hopes to create and develop connections within and outside of RLAS that will benefit students under the arts faculty. While these days, I’ve been piled in schoolwork, something I like to do during my free time is listening to music!

Keiralea Dominelli

Running: VP of Events

Hi everyone! My name is Keiralea Dominelli (she/her) and I am a third-year Politics and Governance student. I have worked with RLAS as a member of the events team during this online school year and have enjoyed putting together a variety of events for the RLAS membership. I also have taken on the Logistics Lead role for the annual Sprout Case competition, and I am excited to be a part of an extremely hardworking team in charge of orchestrating this event. I hope with your vote as VP Events I can continue to provide Arts students with engaging and exciting opportunities to network, enhance their skills, have a platform and have fun! As the VP of Events, I hope to focus my time on advocating and providing platforms for equity-seeking groups in the Ryerson community.

Hannah Ertl

Running: VP of Finance

Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Ertl (she/her) and I am a 3rd-year Politics and Governance student minoring in Criminology. I am passionate about the environment, social justice, and making positive change! I first got involved in RLAS in 2019, starting on the events committee, where I helped organize, run and plan events, and I am now the Politics and Governance director, Finance Junior, and Expert Liaison Lead for SPROUT. I am also a part of various other student groups. I am running to be the next VP of Finance of RLAS for 2021/2022. As VP of finance, I will operate to enhance and ensure equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. I will consistently advocate for the needs and interests of the students. Additionally, I will ensure transparency regarding RLAS financial matters and upholding the integrity and values of society. Lastly, I will bring forth new and exciting funding opportunities for students. I believe my passion for student life/engagement and my experience in student leadership have successfully prepared me for this position.

Elisha Galit

Running: VP of Marketing

My name is Elisha Galit, my pronouns are she/her and I am in the Psychology program. What I’m hoping to accomplish as a VP of Marketing is to maintain the professional and aesthetic brand of RLAS, grow our social media presence, connect more Faculty of Arts students to fun yet beneficial RLAS events and continue to provide accessible content to the membership. A fun fact about me is that I LOVE dogs that I am the type to excitedly tell whoever I am with when I spot a dog. 🐶

Nancy Le

Running: VP of Marketing

Hi everyone! My name is Nancy Le (she/her) and I’m running for VP Marketing at RLAS this year. I’m in my 3rd year of Criminology and I currently serve as the Director of Criminology at RLAS. In this past year I have met so many amazing people which have led me to an array of valuable experiences. In this past year I have taken up several marketing roles, of which includes spearheading the marketing of SPROUT as the Marketing Lead. The RLAS is focused on the values of equity, diversity, and inclusion which are vital to providing Arts students with the services and spaces they need. I aim to connect Arts students to academic and social events, along with tools to thrive. My mission is to allow Arts students to see the power in their degree. If elected VP Marketing, I will ensure the brand of RLAS continues to reflect the values of EDI and the interests of the membership.

Beatriz Jereza

Running: VP of Operations

My name is Beatriz Jereza, and I’m a 3rd-year Sociology major running for the position of the RLAS Vice-President of Operations. In this past year, I have served on both the RLAS Board of Directors as the Sociology Director, and in the Secretary role as part of the RLAS Operations Committee. I have participated in Board Meetings to deliberate and vote on various administrative, strategic and financial decisions. I have also contributed to the creation and revision of RLAS policies and internal documents with transparency and integrity.

As Vice-President of Operations, I will continue to centre my work around accessibility, equity, diversity and inclusivity. I strive to enhance the day-to-day functioning of the RLAS to ensure that Arts students are being served efficiently, diligently and fairly. Through my numerous roles on campus that focus on student engagement, I have gained a genuine understanding of Arts students’ diverse needs and wants. I believe in the work that RLAS consistently initiates, and through this role, I aim to strengthen and empower our Liberal Arts community.

Mallory Hurley

Running: VP of Operations

Mallory is in her second year of the Psychology program, pursuing a minor in criminology. She became involved with the community through the Arts Ambassador program and continues her involvement through her role as Vice President of Operations for the Psychology Students’ Association. Mallory has been involved around campus in various ways such as leading campus tours for the Fall 2019 Open House and volunteering for the 2020 RLAS Case Competition, Sprout. Mallory is a dedicated student with a passion for social justice and a keen interest in mental health awareness. Aside from academics, she is an aspiring musician spending much of her spare time writing and playing music. Mallory is committed to maintaining a favourable relationship between RLAS and Faculty of Arts Students. She hopes to bring her enthusiasm and expertise to ensure RLAS continues to operate in an efficient manner that benefits all Faculty of Arts students.

Urwaa Fatima

Running: Director of Arts and Contemporary Studies

Ishika Gupta

Running: Director of Criminology

Hello! My name is Ishika and I am currently in my second year of criminology. I decided to
choose criminology as my program because I enjoy learning about the process of how the criminal justice system works as well as learning about the overall topic of crime. Growing up I was always obsessed with mysteries and “solving the unknown”, and now I would like to further those skills to help those cases of wrongfully convicted and give this country another strong voice in the criminal justice system. I believe that I would be a good fit for the position of ‘Criminology Director’ on the RLAS team because I not only see this role as a way of creating new experiences, I see this position as a way to bring new ideas to future events/meetings within the art department ensuring that the staff and students are making the best memories possible. In addition, I am currently on the CCU as the ‘Events Officer’ and would love to bring the knowledge that I have learned from this amazing team into becoming the Criminology Director while adding onto those skills.

Ambika Nicky

Running: Director of Criminology

Hello, my name is Nicky (She/Her) I am a fourth-year criminology student minoring in human resource management. I am passionate and enjoy connecting with individuals inside and outside the classroom. I am running to become the Director of Criminology with the vow to continue being inclusive, open to student feedback, and to ensure all students are equipped and engaged with the resources and knowledge of events the RLAS has available for students. I aspire to attend law school to establish a career as a criminal defence lawyer to fight the social inequalities women and minorities face inside and outside a courtroom. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to podcasts, playing Mario Kart, or watching Netflix.

Basma Khan

Running: Director of English

Basma is a second-year English student. She enjoys wandering in the words of the classroom and spending time with her cats. She also likes baking and crochet. As a writer, Basma often scribbles and doodles in her journal, wondering about ways to immerse herself more fully at Ryerson, beyond her role at the ECU and at Ryerson Recreation. Eventually, she’d like to work in education. As the Director of English, Basma would love to hear from you and learn about your experiences!

Kartiki Sharma

Running: Director of Environment and Urban Sustainability

Hello everyone! I am Kartiki Sharma, a second-year student in the Environment and Urban Sustainability Program. Serving as a Corporate Committee Member for RLAS during the last year made me realize the potential of this amazing student government at Ryerson. As a candidate running for the position of EUS Director for RLAS I strive to put my previous experience of being a part of various student groups at Ryerson to help the students in my program and be the voice that can easily communicate the issues to.

David Cardenas Ochoa

Running: Director of Geographic Analysis

Hey everyone! My name is David Cardenas Ochoa, I am in my second year as a GA student. I’m just going to be straight to the point with all of you and tell you I want to be your GA Director for the next upcoming school year. I promise to be transparent with all of you, serve you as best as I can and hopefully be able to build a level of trust with you. I know a lot of you may not know who I am as of right now, but I do want you to give me the opportunity to change that. I want to be the director that you can come to and I am able to help you as best as I possibly can. A few fun facts about me are, I’m a proud Latino student, I brought my dog to Canada on the plane with me from Ecuador, and I chose to go into GA while playing fifa as I realized how much I like flags and how the world works! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @dc.ochoa can’t wait to meet you all 🙂

Nathan Sugunalan

Running: Director of Geographic Analysis

Hello everyone! My name is Nathan Sugunalan (pronouns he/him) currently pursuing the Methods & Techniques concentration within the Geographic Analysis program. As a student passionate about helping those around me reach their potential, becoming the Geographic Analysis Director would enable me to do this on a much broader scale, both within the program and the Faculty of Arts. I love collaborative endeavours with interdisciplinary focuses, and by being part of RLAS with closer ties to various student leaders from different programs; I see an incredible opportunity to help out my fellow Arts students. I have a wealth of experience organizing various social and professional events that help students gain the insight and soft skills needed for establishing and pursuing successful careers during school and after graduation. With your support, I hope to make this a reality for more students, both now and in the future!

Chelsea Olarte

Running: Director of History

Chelsea Olarte (she/her), is a second-year history student at Ryerson University. She is currently the RHS Deputy of Student Life and Events. She has research experience in working as an RA at Ryerson and outside non-profit organizations. She was also a recipient for University-wide award this Fall 2020, specifically, Marc Castillo/Filipino Can. Assoc. of Ryerson.

Jason B. Ramsay

Running: Director of International Economics and Finance

Hello Everyone! My name is Jason B. Ramsay (He/Him), and I’m running for International Economics and Finance (IEF) Director. I am currently an immensely active member of the IEF course union, IECON, where I have contributed greatly to enhancing the university experience of IEF students as IECON’s First-Year Representative. Through IECON, I’ve gained a tremendous amount of experience developing a sense of community within the IEF cohort through the revival of lamented IECON social media platforms, contributing substantially to merchandise lines to foster a sense of IEF solidarity, the creation of a highly interactive IEF Discord consisting now of over 150 members, and much, much more. This, and other ample student organization experience, leads me to be an apt advocate for IEF within RLAS, and I am truly exultant, excited, and honoured to be considered a representative of IEF.

Gaaya Srimarthandan

Running: Director of Language and Intercultural Relations

Hello everyone! I am Gaaya Srimarthandan, a 2nd year LIR student. I am running for the RLAS Director of LIR to ensure that the LIR student body is accounted for in all the big decisions. I am always ready to hear your concerns, so do not hesitate to contact me whether that’s through email (gaaya.srimarthandan@ryerson.ca), or through my social media platforms (@avecgaaya on Instagram). Thank you for considering me and I will ensure I don’t let you down!

Sarah Ahmed

Running: Director of Philosophy

Sarah (She/Her) is a second-year Philosophy student and minoring in Human Resources Management. Sarah has a passion for leadership and since her first year has joined various student organizations and projects at Ryerson such as Amplify, The Arts Ambassador Program, Philosophy Course Union etc. In 2020 Sarah has joined the RLAS Committee as a Junior Corporate and she has also joined the SPROUT 2020- 2021 Committee as an Expert Liaison. Sarah is hoping that she can bring more opportunities for Arts students to network and showcase their skills and knowledge in as well as outside the Ryerson Community. She is also making a priority to run for Arts students and promises to bring out the best she can in order for Arts students to level up, ultimately helping to break the stereotype that Arts students can’t achieve much with their degree. 

Allianz Nuguit

Running: Director of Politics and Governance

Hello everyone! My name is Allianz Nuguit (she/her), and I am a third-year Politics and Governance student minoring in Philosophy. I am an experienced and involved student leader on the Ryerson campus holding various positions! I began my involvement with RLAS last year with the Operations Committee as the Secretary. I am also currently the Director of Outreach & Education for Students for Mental Awareness, Support & Health (SMASH), and the Outreach Team Lead for the Academic Integrity Office (AIO). Through these positions, I have learned the importance of open and transparent communication, accessibility, and resources. 

With your vote to be the Politics and Governance Director, I will ensure there is open and transparent communication between you and RLAS, I will continue my journey as a mental health advocate in the Faculty of Arts, and continue to provide POG students with the required resources and knowledge they need to succeed in the Arts!

Maria Guardado

Running: Director of Politics and Governance

I am in my third year, Politics and Governance, 22 years old and identify as she/her. I would love to represent and voice over the politics and Governance community and be able to create positive changes to our campus community! Go Rams!

Shasmika Thiagrajah

Running: Director of Psychology

Shasmika is currently in her 3rd year, completing her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Criminology. In her spare time, she loves to rewatch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or be in a heated discussion with her friends over a game. As a member of RLAS, she hopes to maintain RLAS’ excellent reputation by focusing on the needs of the membership. Her goal is to increase student’s engagement in school events and celebrate their success in holding an Art’s degree.

Abira Sivanesan

Running: Director of Sociology

Hi, my name is Abira! I am in my 3rd year of Sociology and I am running for the Director of Sociology for the 2021-2022 school year! I’m so excited to be running and look forward to connecting with all of you lovely folks! I hope to build relationships with Sociology students so their voices are heard, and to ensure that they are feeling supported during their time here at Ryerson! I enjoy listening to new music, watching sunrises/sunsets (corny, I know), making impulse purchases at 2 am, and being a plant mum to my plants!

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