Self Care From Home

So, you’re in self-isolation. You’re only to leave your house when necessary, and for the most part, need to make do with what you’ve got at home. But what about your fitness goals? Your skincare routine? Your overall self-care? Well, not to worry, here are some tips to guide you through self-care at home!


To cure your cabin fever, get outside and take in some fresh air! Whether you prefer to walk or run, this increase in cardio is good for your body and your mind. Create a route in your neighbourhood and try to walk/run it a few times a week. This will take you away from your screen and textbooks, and will loosen up your muscles!

Looking for something a little more intense? Not too comfortable with going outside? At-home workouts are becoming more and more popular, with countless influencers sharing their routines online. YouTube is a great source for finding zero-equipment workouts. Here are some of my favourites:


Let me guess, you ran out of your favourite moisturizer but don’t want to risk going to Shoppers? I feel that! Here you’ll find tips for basic, at-home skincare solutions!

  1. First of all, drink water! Not only does it keep you hydrated, but helps keep skin clear and radiant. Also, avoid touching your skin at all times, not just now!

      2.Looking to remove blackheads. Check out this DIY recipe:


  • Printer paper (white)
  • Egg whites
  • Lime juice


  • Separate eggs (approx 2) and keep the egg whites
  • Add one tablespoon of lime juice and mix
  • Dip the printer paper into the mixture, and wait until the paper is soggy
  • Apply to T-zone, or blackhead problem areas
  • Keep on until it hardens
  • Remove slowly

Overall Self-Care

Mental health and well-being are so important, especially during times like these. Here are some ideas about how you can put yourself first, while also being productive:

  1. Wake up and get dressed! Catch up on the sleep you need, but try not to rest the day away. And try to change out of loungewear, this will better motivate you to have a productive day!
  2. Create a daily schedule that has a balance of work and personal time. Remember to give yourself breaks where you can get away from your computer and textbooks.
  3. Eat right! Maintaining a balanced diet is the key to staying healthy and happy. Make sure to eat proper meals, drink lots of water, and have study snacks on hand.
  4. Enjoy some quiet time! Try to allot time in your day for just you. Catch up on your reading, start that journal entry, enjoy a cup of tea. Whatever it is you enjoy, make time to do it.

I hope you found some helpful ideas here! Best of luck for the rest of the term, and take care of yourself!


Written by Claire Cornacchia, ACS Director on the RLAS.

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