Nancy Le

Nancy is a third-year student in Criminology and minoring in Psychology and Philosophy. She is passionate about the law and the criminal justice system, and aspire to bring about the justice of [...]


Mayomide Dada

Mayomide Dada decided to join the RLAS board to help push the Faculty’s agenda and better the overall experience for students under the Faculty of Arts. Her hobbies include playing lawn tennis [...]


Dinez Clarke

Dinez Clarke is currently a third-year philosophy undergraduate student and has a strong interest in the development of ancient philosophy. Outside of philosophy, Dinez has interests in religion [...]


Hannah Ertl

Hannah is a 3rd-year Politics and Governance student! She is so excited to be the POG Director for RLAS this year and is very passionate about advocating for the environment as well as social [...]


Brea Scott

Brea Scott is entering her 5th year of Arts and Contemporary Studies in the Anthropology stream, while also pursuing a minor in English. Afterwards, she plans on pursuing a Masters of Social [...]

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