Abbey Humphreys-MorrisVice-President of Finance

Abbey Humphreys-Morris is entering her fourth year of the Arts and Contemporary Studies program, specializing in Anthropology and completing a minor in Sociology. She has interests in heritage management and looks forward to attending a Master of Arts program abroad specializing in international management and anthropologically-based studies. She is an active member of the Ryerson community as the Arts and Contemporary Studies Course Union’s past Vice President of Finance and Communications, a Co-Chair on the first-ever Relay for Life group at Ryerson, as well as last year’s ACS Director and Vice President of Corporate Relations for the RLAS. As Vice President of Finance this year, she looks forward to making the RLAS’ finances more transparent and accessible to all Arts students and student groups. Abbey has big plans for the future of the organization to empower students financially in order to achieve the most that the Faculty of Arts has to offer.


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