Gaaya SrimarthandanDirector of Language and Intercultural Relations

Gaaya is entering her second year in the LIR program. Gaaya has always been fascinated by the arts, language, and culture, and hopes to continue to make this field her expertise. She loves reading books and hopes to become an author one day. She is also a huge fan of any form of visual arts, and you can catch her either painting or sketching on lazy evenings – or rewatching Avatar: The Last Airbender for the fifth time in a year. Gaaya has been a Canadian representative at a Kyungpook University, broadcasted on ArirangTv as a special guest to share her thoughts as a linguist, and won first place at the annual UofT Korean Speech Competition. As this year’s LIR director, she hopes to bring together the LIR community, branch out beyond the campus and provide more opportunities for LIR students that they can bring with them beyond their time at Ryerson. In addition, she hopes to address the concerns of all LIR students, and ensure external organizations are aware of the value that LIR and Arts students possess. 

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