Josel Angelica GerardoPresident

Josel Angelica Gerardo is entering her fourth and final year in the Politics and Governance program. Although she doesn’t have a minor, she does take many English classes. She hopes to enter law school to become a criminal or human rights lawyer. Josel’s involvement in the community began with joining a couple of student groups such as the Ryerson Law Network and the Ryerson Writers Collective while being a part of the VAST and Arts Ambassadors program. As you can tell, she’s interested in the fields of creative writing, law and politics. In particular, she is passionate in social justice advocacy and, racial and women’s representations in various spaces. Josel likes engaging with the community by ensuring students’ interests and voices are heard. She will strive to support all Faculty of Arts students in the enhancement of our undergraduate development and experiences through showcasing the prestige of our Arts degrees. Her primary focus is ensuring RLAS maintains an equitable and diverse approach in continuing and establishing new initiatives and projects. Josel will lead RLAS with an intersectional approach, taking into consideration all students’ interests, acknowledging our distinct differences and similarities, and collaborating with the wider Ryerson community and the GTA.

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