Natasha ChawdhryVice-President of Operations

Natasha Chawdhry is a fifth-year student in the Politics and Governance Program, minoring in Philosophy. She has interests in Global Politics, and the Media representation of Conflict. She has plans to complete a Masters program, after the completion of her Bachelors in Global Politics/International Political Studies. Through her years at Ryerson University, she has worked at several events for the Faculty of Arts. She has been a Program Representative, and Supervisor at the University Fair, and Open House. She has worked for the Faculty of Arts, Student Experience Centre in order to help plan Orientation 2019, Pre-Enrolment and SLC LIVE. As VP, Operations she seeks to keep communication between Arts Students and the RLAS is functional, and efficient. Her role includes revising internal documents relating to the RLAS functions as a representative body for Arts Students.


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