Vote at Ryerson: Everything you need to know

What is Ryerson Votes?

Ryerson Votes is an initiative created by The Democratic Engagement Exchange, based out of Ryerson University’s Faculty of Arts. The Exchange’s mission is to build a vibrant and inclusive democracy where everyone in Canada has a voice. Planning to launch Ryerson Votes began this past June, in partnership with the Ryerson Liberal Arts Society (RLAS). Ryerson Votes began with the mission to have the largest on-campus voter turnout in the country. In the last federal election, only 1,400 people voted on campus in 2015. Our goal this year is to have a turnout of 10,000.


Voting on Campus

Students can vote on-campus during the dates of October 5th through October 9th. Students can vote in advance of the election without having to go back to their home riding on election day to place their ballots. 

Ryerson campus and 114 other campuses all over the country have a five-day advance polling period where students can vote for their home riding on campus.

Many students don’t know where to go for their information to find out who they want to vote for. Therefore, The Exchange is providing resources, such as Election Handbooks to students all over campus. This informs students on topics such as identifying fake news, understanding Canada’s political system, and what ID you need to vote. 

The Objective of a Vote Pop Up

Too often, young people are left out of the conversation and struggle to feel that their voice matters in the ever-intimidating political sphere. We want to change that.

Ryerson Votes wants to eliminate barriers and demystify the voting process to allow all voices to be heard, and all voices to be counted. Ryerson Votes works to empower students and inspire them to advocate for the kind of country they want to live in.

The purpose of a Vote Pop Up is to demystify the voting process and show people how easy it really is to vote so that the political process is less intimidating for first-time and infrequent voters. We make sure that our team really takes the time to listen to the issues that matter to people and identify with them to help them come to understand the process in a compassionate and understanding way.


What is a Vote Pop Up?

Vote Pop-Ups are non-partisan non-issue simulated polling places.

We set them up just as a polling place would be set up. We have ballot boxes and voting screens at the table provided by Elections Canada, which are the actual materials used to vote on election day. 

The Vote Pop Up booths were created by John Beebe, the founder of The Democratic Engagement Exchange. Vote Pop-Ups are a tool being used by communities all over the country to engage voters in the political process. Currently, we have 600+ members of The Canadian Vote Coalition, which is the Exchange’s nation-wide voter engagement campaign working to increase democratic engagement from coast to coast. Right now, our 600+ Coalition members are conducting Vote Pop-Ups in community centres, libraries, food banks, and so on.


Who is Behind Ryerson Votes?

Bailey – Bailey is the graphic designer for Ryerson Votes. She has worked with Aysha and Taylor with preparing graphic content to raise awareness of voting on campus. 

Aysha – Aysha is co-leading the campaign. She started the campaign with Taylor. Aysha has been an essential leader to the campaign’s success as she works in creating media partnerships and developing the outreach strategy. 

Taylor – Taylor is the current co-lead of Ryerson Votes. She leads everything from campus outreach to managing the new team of 40 Ryerson student volunteers. Taylor is in the process of working with various departments on campus to get involved in the initiative and inspire students to get out to vote.

Taylor photographed left. Aysha photographed right. Photo taken by Paige Deasley, 1st-year Creative Industries student at Ryerson University.


The RLAS will be partnering with Ryerson Votes to hold a Vote Pop-Up in POD 56 on October 1st and October 3rd from 2 pm to 5 pm.


Contact Ryerson Votes

To access these resources, check out The Exchange’s website and follow RyersonVotes on Instagram.

Contact Taylor

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